I have had a complete day off today. It has honestly been quite a while since I have had a bit of time to myself. I have been so busy with work and school it just feels so nice to sit back and relax for some time.

I have spend the majority of my day watching Netflix, YouTube and decorating my bedroom to feel festive. I am currently watching The Crown, Reign and will be starting Black Mirror and Stranger Things on Netflix. I am absolutely enjoying everyone who is participating in vlogmas this year. I find it quite nice watching what other people get up to.

I know blogmas only commenced yesterday but I really wanted to take some time to myself. I know that I won’t be getting much of that any time soon as it is the busiest month of the year. Other than just enjoying myself today I did work on scheduled blogpost that will be going up for the next couple of days. I am putting a lot of work and effort into blogmas and I trueluy hope you all come along for the ride as it’s going to be quite a fun and festive one.

If you guys are currently watching any of these series please do let me know if you are enjoying them.  Also if any of you are catching up with any youtubers during vlogmas, and if so, who? Please remember to like, share and subscribe to my news letter via email or Follow my blog with Bloglovin to notify you on future post.  I will see you all very soon!

Lots of Love,