As of lately I have found myself feeling stuck in a rut wishing something great would happen. I need a change of pace and maybe a little more motivation.

Everyday I watch people loving what they do and I only wish I could say the same. I work my ass off but feel like I am getting nowhere. At least nowhere I want to be. I have been evaluating and analysing where I am at this point in time and I want some drastic change in my life. I think it is time I stop playing it safe and start taking some risk. What others may think or have to say should not affect me whatsoever. I also need to acknowledge that not everyone will understand what it is that I want and that is ok.

Following my dreams is not going to be easy but I am ready to take on the challenge. I can not waste another day waiting for a miracle. I will be taking the initiative and start making some changes. I need to cut out anything and anyone who does not make me happy and start surrounding myself by those who do.

My dreams are big and scary but totally worth it. They might seem impossible to me now, but with a little time and hard work I am sure they will not be so far from reach.

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Lots of Love,