I was never a fan of coffee until about a year or so ago. I do not know why I did not enjoy it, but it certainly did take me a while to appreciate it.

Coffee is an interesting product and it is so much more than just a tasty drink. The story of how it was made, what it taste like and the  location it comes from are all so important.

The way we purchase such goods can really affect the lives of so many people whom are  involved with harvesting the coffee beans.  Often times we do not pay attention to what the working conditions are like for those individual and we take their hard work for granted. Honestly this is something I have never really paid any attention too and I am sure many of you guys have not either.

I am no expert on fair trade goods but now that I have a newly found appreciation for good coffee I am going to keep this in mind and make sure that when I purchase goods such as coffee that I remeber the people behind the scenes who helped make something I enjoy as well as the story behind it. At least, I think it is only fair for us to appreciate what they do. So for those hard working people, thank you.

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