I have recently found hundreds of cute Halloween treat ideas on Pinterest and thought I would go ahead and recreate one for you guys today.

These are Mummy Rice Krispies treats. They are quite easy to make and they look and taste great! For starters I made the Rice Krispies treats with the original Rice Krispies recipe. I organized and flattened the treats on to a sheet pan. Once they had set placed the large treat into wax paper. Then, I proceeded to cut them into small rectangular shapes.  Soon after, I added the decorative touches. I coated the treats in white chocolate then added candy eyes. After, I drizzled more white chocolate on to appear as the mummies bandages and that’s it.

These Mummy treats are really simple and easy to make. I am sure anyone would enjoy them. They would also make a great addition to a Halloween party. 🎃

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post.  This is my first time doing anything food related for the blog so please let me know what you guys think. Leave me a comment if you guys are interested in seeing any more food related post because I would love to do more. As I really enjoyed working on this one.  Do not forget to like, share and subscribe to my news letter via email or Follow my blog with Bloglovin to notify you on future post.  I will see you tomorrow!

Lots of Love,