School is back in session! Now that I have completely settled into my classes I would like to share with you guys what is in my school bag. I tend to be in school for both long and short periods of time depending on my classes so as to which items I carry per day vary depending on my classes requirements as I am in college. So without further ado these are the school essentials I carry with me at all times.

  • My Bag

My bag being the most important as is contains everything I could possibly need. I would be completely lost without my bag.

  • 1 1/2 inch Hybrid NoteBinder

I do not like traditional binders as they are bulky and take up so much space. I opted for the Five Star Hybrid NoteBinder as it is much lighter and easier to just chuck in my bag.

  • Weekly Planner

Having a planner is essential for me. I need to know what to expect and helps me keep track of every month and week. It also helps me plan for my work and personal life.

  • 3 Subject College Ruled Notebook

Notebooks are key! Especially because in college you don’t turn in your notes; they are pretty much for your own sake, so I like to keep them written down in a notebook instead of loose leaf paper.

  • 1 Subject College Ruled Notebook

Some classes require that you have your own notebook so I just have a one subject notebook specifically for that class.

  • Pencil Pouch

I don’t like it when things get damaged or marked on because you just chucked your pen in your bag. I like to stay organized and know where everything is, so a pencil pouch comes in quite handy.

  • Writing utensils

Writing utensils are a must! I like to color code knows and valueable information in textbooks and test. My writing utensils include:

Papermate Mechanical Pencils

Papermate Inkjoy Ball Point Pens (Black  and Assorted Colors)

Papermate Marker Pens

Case mate Retractable Highlighters

Yoobi I Index Card

  • Sticker Note Flags

These are great to use when studying from  textbooks. They help attract your attention to important information.

  • Stckynotes

When in class and professors give valuable information relating to previous or a current set of notes I write them down on sticky notes and add them to my notes. Especially if they are important dates or test information.

  • Notepad

I carry a small notepad/notebook to write notes and reminders to my self. I also use them as idea journals in case I randomly come up with something that I would like to write down.

  • Re-Marks Magnetic Page Clips

I use these when reading my textbooks/books to mark my pages. They are magnetic and small but quite useful.

  • Mini Stapler Set

I often forget to staple papers ahead of time of turning them in.  It is also a lot safer to staple them rather than clipping them together because your professor might end up loosing a portion of your assignment and we all know that’s not good.

  • Paper Clips

I paper clip papers that are given to me by my professors to my assignments in order to help review and help keep track of everything.

  • Metal Ruler

I like to make my notes as nice and clean as possible that way when I come back to review them they actually attract my attention instead of deterring it.

  • Kleenex
  1. I tend to get sick as the seasons change and I like to keep Kleenex in my bag just in case I have a runny nose. I also like to have them with me incase someone in class might need one.
  • Ice Breaker Mints

I like for my breath to smell good and sometimes they are a bit of a wake me up when I’m distracted and drowsing off in class. I also really like mint.

  • 5 Gum

I live gum! I usually chew gum in class when I’m hungry in class. And just like the mints my gum are mint flavored.

  • Mini Secret Outlast Deodorant

Sometimes it can get really hot in school and I do not have time to go home and freshen up invetween classes or in between school and work. So I have a mini deoderant in my bag just in case I need it.

  • Purell Hand Sanitizer

Being in college you are not the only person using your desk or touching a door handle. When you realize there are hundreds of other students in the same space it’s nice to sanitize your hands. It might also prevent you from getting sick which is what I need.

  • Snacks

I don’t want to spend large amounts on over priced food in my cafeteria so I like to bring my own snacks from home. They are also great to hold you off until class is over and you can go and get lunch.

  • Sunglasses

I ware both contacts and glasses so if I am wearing contacts I like to wear sunglasses when I am out and about it driving. I just always have a pair with me just in case I need to use them.

  • Water Bottle

I want to stay hydrated and having a water bottle with me at all times is helpful.

  • Cellphone

My cellphone is necessary no matter where I am I absolutely need it.

  • Headphones

I like to listen to music or watch YouTube videos on my down time and having headphones helps me not interrupt others who may studying in the same space.

  • Cellphone Charger

If I am using my phone constantly I may need to charge it depending on when I expect to be home that day.

  • Power Bank

If I do not have wall sockets near by to charge my phone I always have a power bank with me for those occasions.

  • Laptop

Some classes require me to submit assignments or participate in discussions online so having my laptop with me is essential. Also I do not have to wait for people to get a hold of a computer at school library; especially since they tend to get pretty full.

  • Laptop Charger

My laptop may need charge so I have the charger with me at all times which is pretty self explanatory.

  • Flash Drive

Sometimes I need to share files or documents with others so I keep a flash drive in my bag in case the internet is down for waterver reason.

  • Wallet

My drivers license, school ID,  cards and money are all in my wallet and it is something I have with me no matter what I’m doing or where I am.

  • Keys

Again self explanatory, I always need to have my keys with me whether they are my house and car keys or my work keys I always need them on me.

Right, so those are my school bag essentials and depending on what class I have which day these items might vary but for the most part I always have them in my bag. I hope everyone is doing well back in school and is having a great school year so far.

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Lots of Love,


P.S.- Sorry it has taken me this long to post another B.T.S. post.