The  wanderlust as of lately has been real!  I feel the need to purchase a one way ticket, pack my bags, and just get on the next plane out. But I am nowhere near prepared for that. So,  I thought I would initiate a project that would allow me and others to explore near and far without breaking the bank. I’m calling it The Adventure Project.

I am hoping to make this a collaborative Project in which many others could participate in if they would like join the team. I do not think I have ever mentioned to you guys that I absolutely love film and photography. Now, I am most definitely not an expert but I am extremely passionate about them. I think film and photography are such essential tools for telling stories and connecting with people no matter where they are from.

California is such a large state and I have yet to explore most of it which makes me wonder about others from all around the world who have yet to explore the places they are from. What I am hoping to get out of this project is to motivate others to explore their local surroundings whether it is their hometown, the next city over, or a completely different country while also building a sense of community. So maybe you like to travel, write, take interesting photographs, film, vlog, blog, or simply just Adventure there is a place for you. Any form of creativity is welcome.

See, not only do I lust over traveling but I also want to create content that is interesting not only for my blog but for YouTube as well. I want to inspire others as much as I sure they will inspire me. I hope some of you guys would be interested in participating in this project. All I am asking from you guys is to show me what Adventure means to you. I want to see the world through your eyes as I will show you the world through mine. Who knows we might even meet new people and make friends from different parts of the world through this project. At least, this is what I am hoping The Adventure Project will become.

I still have to work out some details but hopefully this is only the start of something great. If you guys interested in being a part of the project or have any ideas, suggestions or questions please let me know in the comments and let’s chat about possible opportunities. If you guys wish to contact me privately you can either head over to my contact me page and send me a message or private message me on my social media. I will leave all my links at the end of the post and I will get back to as soon as possible. This is something I am quite excited for and I hope you guys are too.

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