Growing up in Southern California is quite different from other places in the world. You see, we don’t really have the opportunity to experience the seasons change. Yes it will get chilly at times during the fall but there isn’t much change.

I am from Huntington Beach, California and to be honest the weather here is almost 99.9% great surfing weather. This location is ideal for any surfers out there who love to ride waves on the daily. But coming from someone like myself, whom has lived here myΒ whole life, I would love a bit of change. So I set a goal for myself this year to experience a season in another place no matter how near or far. Which I did I experienced the heart of summer in British Columbia, Canada and let me tell you Its was so cold. Their summer is the equivalent to our winter. But I want a different perspective on fall. I want to see the leaves change color, I want to feel the cold air rush into my lungs and I want to see fall for what it really is. A seasons change.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love California it’s my home state; but I would love to see what the rest world has to offer. I am planning on booking a trip in the near future. I would I’ve to travel to New York, Chicago, Boston or Toronto. They are all such beautiful places but I only have the time to travel to one or two of these place soon. So I want to make the best of my time wherever I am going.

If any of you are from these places please let me know why I should or should not travel there; or leave me any suggestions of places to travel to this fall in the comments. Let me know how you guys feel about fall. Do you love it or hate it? What’s your favorite season? Will you guys be traveling soon? if so, where? I would love to know and I look forward to reading your comments. Also if you guys have any question go ahead and leave them in the comment and I will get back to you soon.

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Lots of Love,