Hey guys how is it going? So it’s that time of the year and everyone is getting ready for back to school. No matter what grade or school you are attending it is always a good idea to start the school year prepared and refreshed.

So I just wanted to update you guys on a few things. For starters I wanted to let you all know that I too will be returning to school this fall. I am currently attending college and working on transferring to a university within a year or so. My dream school is located in England which means I have to work extra hard to keep my grades up in order for consideration to transfer as an international student. I may even have to add some extra curricular activities into my schedule in order to stand out from competing applicants. (If you guys have any suggestions please leave a comment below.)

Secondly, since I will be back in school full time I wanted to let you guys know that my posting schedule will change to random updates basically. I will try to post consistently but I can’t make any promises as higher education isn’t just a walk in the park you know, it takes a lot of time and dedication plus I will be working on top of that.

Finally but most importantly, I wanted to inform you guys that I will be starting a Back to School series to give you guys any tips, suggestion, advice, decor ideas, etc. so make sure to keep up to date as I will be posting them very soon!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and please leave any comments, questions or suggestions and I will make sure to get back to you soon. Also, let me know if you guys are excited to be returning to school. After some time off I am most definitely excited to be working towards reaching my academic goals and transferring to a University in England. Remember to like, share and subscribe to my news letter via email or Follow my blog with Bloglovin to notify you on future post. Hope you guys have a great weekend and I will see you all very soon with a new post.:)

Lots of Love,