Recently I traveled to Canada and had an amazing time! It honestly pains my heart to have left such a beautiful place. I spent nearly two weeks in Vancouver, British Columbia and had the opportunity to explore some exciting and lush locations near by. Upon landing I knew that my Vancouver experience was going to be so different from home. California is my home state and it has so much beauty and adventures to offer (which most of I still need to explore and experience) but Vancouver was an adventure I surely will never forget.

I know I had mentioned to you guys in an earlier post that I would daily vlog my entire stay but unfortunately things didn’t go as planned with the vlogs sozz guys! I did upload two short videos on my vlogging channel but keep your eye out for another upload as I will be posting a compilation video of my entire trip. I thought it would be nice especially since I didn’t vlog daily. Also, I might upload more frequently depending on what exiting adventures I get up to. I’ll keep you posted in case something fun comes up anytime soon. 🙂

Strangely enough when I first arrived in Vancouver I didn’t know what to expect. Even though I had done my research about what to do out there, where to go and what to eat I was still at a loss. Once we had arrived to our Air B&B all I could think of was “I’m here! So… what now?” but none the less we left our apartment and decided to go out and explore and that’s when our adventure began. Every day we got up to something new and took every chance we could get to make the best of our time out there. Before we knew it we were backing our bags and getting ready to board our flight back home.

I honestly don’t think there is enough words in the dictionary to simply describe how amazing British Columbia really is. Vancouver has a special place in my heart and I hope to have the opportunity to return sometime in the future. Vancouver is such a welcoming city and anyone that we came across was so kind. No mater which direction we decided to take there was always something to do. Even though Vancouver is such a large city it certainly didn’t feel that way. The atmosphere in the city felt very much like a close community which honestly was quite surprising yet very unique.

I seriously can’t recommend traveling out to Vancouver enough. It is just simply a great place to travel to. The vibe is literally too good it’s unreal. Right, I will leave you guys a gallery of images I took whilst I was there and I hope they inspire you guys to give Vancouver a change and if not that they inspire you to explore anywhere else in the world.

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