Dear future Lidia,

Four years a go you were a completely different person from who you are today. You were still trying to figure things out. You had an idea of the person you wanted to become, but you still needed a bit of work. You stressed over things that take a lifetime to understand but I hope you found the answers you were searching for. Life can get a little confusing sometimes and that’s ok.

Now I would like you to answer some questions that I wish our 21 year old self could have asked you which  have given me peace of mind some time ago.

1. Are you happy? Are you currently in a good place? Do anxiety and depression still interfere with your life? If not what changed? How did you make things get better? Did talking about it help?

2. Are you in California? Where are you in the world right now? Are you traveling?  Have you moved to London yet?

3. Did you follow your dreams? Are you proud of who you are today? What do you do? Who are you?

4.  What kind of music do you like? What are your top 5 most played songs currently? Have you seen Macklemore perform live yet? What shows are you into? What was the last movie you watched? What was the last message you sent and who was it to? What social media are you into? What is going on in pop culture right now?

5. Who are your current friends? Are they good people? How did you meet? Do they bring out the best in you? Do they inspire and motivate  you?

6. Have you started your YouTube channel yet? When was the last time you uploaded a video? What kind of content do you produce ? Does it make people happy? Have you made a difference in the world with YouTube? Do your viewers call themselves by a certain name? How has YouTube helped you?

7. Do you Still Blog? How is that going? Never forget that blogging is where you started.  You should know this by now but always remember that growth takes time but it is so worth it.

8. Did you finish school? If yes, What was your overall experience? What did you major in? Did you study abroad? Was it worth it?

9. Are you single, dating, in a relationship or Married? If so for how long? Does he make you happy? Are you in love? Have you fallen in and out of love? Do you have children!? If so, how many? Boy(s) or girl(s)? What is/are their name(s)?

10. Have you traveled the world? Where have you been? Where do you want to go? Whom have you traveled with? Any lessons learned? Have they all been good experiences?

You know Lidia the one thing I love and admire the most about you is that you have always stayed true to yourself no matter what. Thank you for that. Now that you have answered some questions that our younger self once pondered about I want you to write a letter to your future self 5 years from now. You are now 25 but who knows what the next 5 years will be like. Never give up and always keep your head up; take some changes, live life to the fullest, and take care.

P.S.- Life gets better.

-Lidia A.

 Age: 21

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Lots of Love,