I honestly think there is nothing more I want life more than to travel the world. Everyday the desire to pack my bags and travel to a location I have never been to and explore grows stronger and stronger. Although I have traveled in the U.S (Las Vegas, Nevada and Orlando, Florida) as well as some locations in Mexico there is so much more out there in the world to explore. Most of these locations I traveled to when I was much younger (and No, I haven’t been to Vegas now that I am turned 21). Maybe some time in the near future. Maybe.

I know that I have mentioned that I will be traveling to Canada this summer which I am SO EXCITED FOR! But,  planning for this trip has made me want to make more plans for the future. I hope that I am able to achieve my dreams of traveling the world. I would hate to just wish many years from know that I had chased my dreams. So I came up with a list of reasons as to why I think traveling is important to share with you guys and to hopefully inspire you to travel too.

  1. The Learning Experience:
    • What you learn from traveling is something that could never be taught in a classroom. I mean sure you can talk about certain concepts and ideas with an instructor but you will never gain the hands on experience unless you get out there and experience it for yourself. As great and as educational school systems can be you honestly learn more from experience than from a definition written in an old textbook.
  2. Improvement of Social and Communication Skills:
    • The best way to improve your Social and Communication skills is to get out there and be more involved and engaging. Can you imagine yourself being in a different continent you have never been to and are surrounded by people you have never met and not having a clue of how to get from point A to point B. Yeah, try that for social and communication skills. You are never going to improve  if you don’t take the initiative to do so.
  3. Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone:
    • Your safe zone as safe as it may be, it can also be a very dangerous place. Never leaving your comfort zone can prevent you from achieving greatness whether that is asking someone for direction while traveling the world or trying something different on the menu of your favorite restaurant. If you stay in your comfort zone whilst traveling you are not going to have the experience  you could of had if you had just taken a chance and went night surfing in Cape Town, Zip lining in Costa Rica or exploring the urban jungle that is New York City. So just make a move and get out there and trust me the experience will be worth the while.
  4. Finding Yourself:
    • Although you may think you know exactly who you are and don’t get me wrong some of you may; I think that when traveling the world and gaining experience you truly learn more about yourself. Maybe you are great at quickly picking up new languages in a foreign country or you could possibly be and excellent survivalist in the Amazon but you just didn’t know it yet until you have lived it. You also prove to yourself that you can grow and evolve as a person from experiences that you lean from whilst traveling.
  5. Making Meaningful Relationships:
    • Not that you can’t make meaningful relationships with people back home but the best part of travel is meeting new faces and bonding with others. You may become the best of friends with someone you crossed paths with. Who know later on you might have friends from all over the world that you met through your travels.

People you guys should checkout:

Ben Brown:

  • Ben is a Daily Vlogger a.k.a Mr. Ben Brown on YouTube and you can find him on pretty much any social media. Ben is always posting great content and is always on the go. He produces the best Visual Vibes which is a playlist on his  YouTube channel that is purely dedicated to providing cinematic films of locations he has traveled to.

Steve Booker:

  • Steve is both a Blogger and a Vlogger and has both a Main Channel and a Vlogging Channel. Steve and Ben have traveled together and have been on some great adventures. Steve produces a lot of great content but many of his videos are not completely based around travel. Steve loves Fashion, Food, and  Travel and you should expect variety with the content he produces.

Louis Cole:

  • Louis a.k.a FunForLouis on YouTube is also a Daily Vlogger. Louis is the ultimate Nomad and lives out a lifestyle I could only dream of having. Louis is truly living out his dream of travel and is a huge inspiration of mine. Like Ben and Steve, Louis produces quality content that only makes you wanderlust.  Also, Louis has recently released his own range of clothing called Live the Adventure which basically is his motto in life; so go ahead and check that out. There are some cool pieces I am certainly interested in purchasing myself.

All three of these guys are great and I highly suggest you go and check them out. They show a lot of love and appreciation for their viewers and they also allow us join in on the fun as they share their life with us.

I know this is a small list of the many reasons as to why travel is so great but I just really  wanted to share my thoughts and main reasons as to why I want to travel with you guys. Make sure to leave some comments below letting me know how you guys feel about travel or if you watch Ben, Steve or Louis. Also let me know if  you want to travel? If you have traveled anywhere recently? Where would you recommend traveling too? Also if you enjoyed this post don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to my news letter via email or Follow my blog with Bloglovin to notify you on future post. Hope you guys Have a great weekend and I will see you next week. 🙂

Lots of Love