IMG_0346There is nothing worse and having a messy bag! Not being able to find your keys, phone or wallet in your bag is a serious issue. Having a clean and organized bag is highly important to me always. I am the type of person that goes through a checklist before I ever leave the door; and I find that having everything organized makes a world of a difference and is more efficient of course. I always try to have the minimum but on occasions I will end up taking more things than I actually need. These are definitely my must have essentials in my bag.



(The bag is from H&M I couldn’t find a link Sozz)

The bag itself is highly important because it is what allows you to carry all of your belongings and remember size does matter. I use to have larger bags and always end up taking things I never really needed simply because there was more space to chuck things in. I mean seriously! My bag would turn into a never ending black hole. The smaller the bag the better at least in my case that is. Since the bag is smaller I am forced to evaluate the necessity of an item before throwing it in.


Electronics and Accessories:

My cellphone is a no-brainer but when I am on the go I always need to have a pair of headphones with me. As or the charging accessories that will depend for how long I will be gone and whether or not I will be using my phone consistently thought the day.


Agenda and a Notebook:

Like I’ve mentioned before I like to be organized and having an agenda helps with that a lot. Because I work, go to school or try to have a personal life (LOL) I like to keep an agenda in order to keep track of schedule just in case something ever comes up. As for the mini composition notebook I always keep in my bag just in case something ever comes to mind that I need to jot down. I like writing down thought and ideas. I am big on brainstorming and mind mapping. I don’t know why! I just find it kind of fun I guess you could say really.


Beauty Items:

I don’t really ever carry any makeup with me because I don’t find it necessary to haul my makeup around everywhere I go. My beauty essentials are what I call an “Emergency Nail Kit” which consist of nail clippers, a nail file and a nail polish. You never know when you could need these items and believe it or not they come in handy very often. The next items are a mirror because  a girl just needs a mirror, a roll on perfume in the fragrance Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani. Finally, a hand cream by the brand Marlowe because I hate having dry hands and having a moisturizer at hand is always a good thing.


Personal Well-being:

Hand Sanitizer is a must you never know what king of germs you can encounter that will eventually lead you to becoming sick 😦 Clean hands is just a basic hygienic need. EOS lip balm is another must have. Lip balms or chapsticks in general are super important. Just like your hands need moisture your lips need it too. Painkillers are a just in case kind of thing that are always important to have you never want to be caught without painkillers when you have a killer headache and don’t have the time to purchase any. Tic-Tacs are my favorite mints and it nice to have fresh breath so I almost always have a pack in my bag. A pack of tissues and band-aids, I mean, they are pretty basic and they just come in handy when you least expect it.


Other Bits and Bobs:

My wallet and keys are something I can’t go anywhere without; I always need them. Sunglasses are another just in case item because I wear glasses and/or contacts. So really it just depends on what I am using that day. I never leave the house without water or a granola bar or some type of snack. I am always on the go and don’t always have time think so I need a combination of the two to keep me going in between breaks and meals whilst working or if I’m just out and about.

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