Its the first of January and there are 365 days left to make this an exiting year. Yes ladies and gents I said 365… And no I have not lost my marbles! There are precisely 365 days left due to this year being a leap year meaning there is an additional day to the year. so now that we’ve cleared that up let’s move on to more exciting things like our hopes and dreams for this year.

First and foremost the beginning of every year is always an opportunity to look back and reflect on the year past. Maybe you made the absolute best of 2015,  experienced some incredibly life changing events and have no regrets; or perhaps you spend the year living out someone else’s dream. Maybe you did absolutely nothing and wasted an entire year making you unhappy with 2015 and hoping for the best in 2016. Either way, this is your chance to make or do something spectacular in 2016. All you have to do is take some risk and make things happen! With that said since today is the first of January I have decided to set myself some goals for 2016 and no they are not resolutions they are simply goals and hopeful expectations for the new year.

  1. Go somewhere new
    • My lifetime goal is to travel the world, experience new cultures, meet new faces and make bonds with people from all over the world.
  2. Save more money
    • I just need to manage my money a lot better in order to make dreams like traveling and moving to London in the future happen.
  3. Make a film
    • I love film making and I have made short films previously when I was still in high school and would like to start filming again and see where that leads me.
  4. Learn another language
    • I am fluent in both English and Spanish and would really like to learn a new language. This may be useful when traveling across the globe.
  5. Start my own business
    • I have always wanted to start my own business and I am currently working on majoring in Business Administration which will hopefully lead to becoming a business owner one day.
  6. Inspire someone
    • There are so many people in the world that I have never even met but they have inspired me and have made a difference in the way I look at life, I can only hope that I make the same impact on someone else one day. I want to make people smile and inspire people to want a better and more positive lifestyle.
  7. Read More
    • I just need to pick up a good book and read.
  8. Take more pictures
    • I love photography and would like to be more involved and take more pictures of my own.
  9. Skydive
    • I mean who doesn’t want to skydive? I have never jumped out of a plane before but skydiving and bungee jumping just sound so exciting!
  10. Start a YouTube Channel
    • Like I’ve said there are so many inspiring and positive people in the world and most of which I was exposed to through YouTube. Thanks YouTube!!!! There are some pretty incredible people on the internet and a dream of mine is to be part of that community one day and make a difference in the world. I honestly think that YouTube is an amazing platform for so many people to make a difference and I seriously think this is one of the most intimidating goals I have set yet. This is  because you are kind of just putting yourself out there but hey, it’s now or never.

So there are some of my goals and I definitely know I am going to make everyday count in order make these goals happen! I hope you all had happy holidays and are just as exited for this year as I am. Please share and like this post if you enjoyed it and leave some comments below letting me know what goals you’ve set for yourself this year and let us make 2016 our year!

Lots of Love,